Investor Proposition

Exchanges and marketplaces are some of the most important and valuable companies in the world. Abaxx is leveraging deep expertise in markets and software technology to capture opportunities in the global energy transition from coal and oil to gas and renewables, with a focus on including environmental, social and governance considerations in everything we do. 

Although commodity exchanges have been around since the beginning of time, and online marketplaces have been established with the advent of the internet economy, Abaxx believes we are entering a new phase of global commerce, and that technological innovation is about to trigger a new era for the digital global economy.  

Abaxx is uniquely positioned to promote price discovery, transparency, order matching, settlement and clearing for market participants, especially where terms of trade are not yet standardized. Abaxx is transforming the marketplace, technological infrastructure, regulatory and governance framework to reinvent exchanges.

The Company has recruited a team of esteemed commodities experts and senior executives with deep industry expertise and decades of personal professional markets development to lead the sales efforts. Reference our Governance & Leadership section for detailed information on the Abaxx Executives and Board of Directors.

About Abaxx

Abaxx is a financial software company developing and deploying technological infrastructure for both global commodity exchanges and digital marketplaces. The company’s formative technology increases transaction velocity, data security and facilitates improved risk management in the majority owned Abaxx Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“AEX”, or “Abaxx.Exchange”) – a commodity futures exchange seeking final regulatory approvals as a Recognized Market Operator (“RMO”) and Approved Clearing House (“ACH”) with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”). Abaxx is the creator and producer of the SmarterMarkets™ podcast.

Multi-Dimensional Investment Thesis

We bring together highly valued sectors under the Abaxx ecosystem.

Abaxx Exchange is developing a new commodities exchange infrastructure, starting with a liquified natural gas (LNG) futures contract and acting as a market data provider.

Abaxx Technologies suite of tools includes Abaxx Chat, Sign and Vault which serve as finance-specific work automation solutions. Abaxx ID++ leverages distributed ledger technologies to secure identities and transactions on the exchange.

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Smarter Markets Podcast

Smarter Markets is at the core of Abaxx’s mission to redesign markets with technology and ESG-compliance. Our podcast supports this vision with an impressive schedule of commodities legends, market builders and thought leaders discussing the inadequacies of our market systems and ideas for how to solve them.

Meet the Team

Over 250 years of combined experience in energy, commodities, exchanges and technology, the Abaxx executive team and board of directors bring key knowledge, relationships and execution to launch the Abaxx Exchange.

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Recent Press Releases

Abaxx Announces Completion of Base Carbon Financing

TORONTO, September 8, 2021 — Abaxx Technologies Inc., (NEO:ABXX) (OTCQX:ABXXF) (“Abaxx” or the “Company”), a financial technology company, majority shareholder of Abaxx Singapore Pte. Ltd., the Abaxx Commodity Exchange, and producer of the SmarterMarkets™ Podcast, has...

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The Energy Transition

As the global economy transitions from carbon intensive coal and oil energy sources to mass electrification based on clean natural gas, renewable energy, and smart grid energy storage, Abaxx intends to capture the opportunity to introduce a transformative platform to the global commodity exchange space.

Environmental, Social, Governance [ESG]

Respect for the environment, facilitating equitable treatment of peoples and bringing transparency to individual data privacy is central to our strategic vision. The approach to supporting these standards is by leveraging smarter technologies to deploy applications that bring measurement, verification, reporting and privacy to global markets and their participants.

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